A Solution for Cleaning Oil Sludge Pits and Recovering the Oil is Here!

A Solution for Cleaning Oil Sludge Pits and Recovering the Oil is Here!

Sludge pits typically contain a semi-emulsified mixture of crude oil, water and miscellaneous solids (together with whatever else has been dumped in them – they are typically used as unofficial and unauthorized waste disposal sites. Cleanup of a sludge pit requires as a minimum efficient separation of oil, water and solids.

Sludge Pits and Tailing Ponds are a man-made environmental disaster and have set-off a global crisis. Each day, millions of gallons of water contaminated with oil and heavy metals are dumped into large storage areas known as Tailing Ponds or Sludge Pits. The size of these retention areas ranges from a few acres to thousands of acres. It is estimated that 500,000 tons of contaminated tailings are produced daily at one major tar sand extraction site and another location in Canada covers an area estimated in excess of 80 square miles.

These ponds represent a major environmental threat to our drinking water supply. According to a report released in December of 2008, 11 million liters of contaminated water are leaked from tailing ponds every day. It is estimated that currently 4 billion liters enter our ground water supply every year representing a major financial opportunity for the company with the use of our PetroLuxus™ HC. Our specially blended formulas separate the hydrocarbon material (Oil), from the water.

Until now, depending on the type of contamination, the accepted practices to remediate soil have been to excavate, transport and dump the contaminated soil at a qualified toxic landfill or excavate and transport to a approved hazmat landfill where it is burned and buried. These methods of remediation do not relieve the landowner or the original offender from ongoing liabilities, which in some cases carry severe fines and penalties along with civil and criminal prosecution.

PetroLuxus™ HC allows for on-site cleaning of contaminated soil and water while implementing the extraction and recovery of hydrocarbons, heavy metals and toxins, thereby reducing the cost of transportation and burial in a hazardous waste landfill. The demulsifying feature of the PetroLuxus™ HC is significant in soil washing because of the ease of liquid phase separation after the cleaning process. By remediating on-site the result could be savings of 35% to 50% over existing technology.

PetroLuxus™ HC is a multi-modal liquid compound formulated to dislodge contaminates from heavy crude oil streams resulting in a higher grade product with improved flow characteristics. PetroLuxus™ HC can dramatically improve the flow characteristics of heavy oil, shed entrained water, paraffin, heavy metals, particulate matter, reduce acidity and reduce sulfur thus reducing overall pumping costs. PetroLuxus™ HC reduces the environmental impact by allowing for the collection and disposal of undesirable Benefits:

• Improved API Gravity • Improved Flow Characteristics • Friction Reducer • Reduced BS&W • Reduced Paraffin & Asphaltene Choke Off • Reduced Corrosion & Scaling • H2S Reduction • Corrosion Inhibitor • Reduced MIC (Microbially Influenced Corrosion) flow into oil trucks.