who we are

Established specifically to distribute proprietary technologies to energy and other industries

Texas based Ascension Technologies® core management team has steadily advanced technologies and developed products through acquisitions and mergers since the turn of the 2000 millennium.

The Company’s core management team exudes more than a hundred and twenty years of hands on experience in the formation and administration of technologies based in oil and gas industries as well as other energy related industries including nuclear. The Company was formed with the expressed goal of taking that combined experience to distribute and market environmentally-friendly materials and to develop field process methodologies to cost-effectively maximize the mitigation and/or recovery of our Planet’s precious hydrocarbon resources all the while optimizing efficiencies in the recovery of those resources in an environmentally responsible manner.

Among the Company’s many product offerings also include core technologies that were evolved from the science of specific silicates, but unlike common silicates, our chemistry’s are next generation monomeric neo-silicates, the “bully” or the most reactive of silicate species.


Our core business involves the exclusive distribution and commercialization of proprietary technologies and solutions acquired through mergers and acquisitions by its partnership affiliations for the past twenty years. Our business model will continue to include aquisitions and mergers as a means to expanding the footprint of the Company.  Many of the unique characteristics of the proprietary materials we exclusively distribute require little to no heat for processing, providing considerable cost saving advantages compared to many current methods used today.

Vision & Markets

Our management team has developed and continues to refine a multi-pronged business model to fuel rapid growth for the company. Through partnerships with established companies in targeted markets and through licensing agreements with established companies in targeted markets, the Company has accelerated and expanded its business growth and footprint within our targeted markets.  Our target markets range from major oil and gas companies to individual operators in both national and international locations.