AquaLuxus® WC Ends Ground Water Well Biofouling

AquaLuxus® WC Ends Ground Water Well Biofouling

What is Biofouling?

Biofouling: the gradual accumulation of waterborne organisms (as bacteria and protozoa) on the surfaces of engineering structures in water that contributes to corrosion of the structures and to a decrease in the efficiency of moving parts.  In groundwater well biofouling the main characters are:

Iron Bacteria – Manganese Bacteria – Sulfate Reducing Bacteria – Slime-Reducing Bacteria – Pseudomonads

Reasons for drops in water production

According the National Ground Water Association:

Along with the water table dropping… the most common reason for water production drops are the plugging of holes along the well’s casing and encrustation forming on the well screens. The amount of water going through the well system will drop significantly if several holes or portions of the screens are clogged. Calcium carbonate, iron bacteria, manganese bacteria, silt, clay, and ‘slime,’ a combination of sediment and deposits, are all common well clogging issues.

Biofouled Well Screen

Water well Gravel Pack

Clean Pore Space vs Biofouled Pore Space

Current Accepted Well Rehabilitation Methods are composed of both mechanical and chemical procedures. These current methods require:
1 – Water Well Contractor – 2 – Unhook the equipment from the system, pull the tubular string and pump – 3 – Inject Acids into the well – 4 – Clean the pump & tubulars – 5 – Purge Well of acids & chemicals – 6 – Purged material is shipped to a disposal site – 7 – Bring well back on line

Well Rehabilitation Production Trend Declining Specific Capacity Trends

AquaLuxus WC (Well Clean)

AquaLuxus® WC is a new environmentally-friendly technology that is an NSF/ANSI Standard 60 – Chemicals used in the treatment of potable water, liquid well cleaning solution for the rehabilitation of new and existing ground water wells.  AquaLuxus® WC significantly improves water production, water clarity and mitigates microbial growth on well screens, gravel packs and aquifers.  AquaLuxus® WC is user-friendly so that growers can do-it-yourself or use a water well contractor to rehabilitate ground water wells.

AquaLuxus WC Benefits

Environmental Statement

AquaLuxus® WC products are inorganic compounds and thus contains no organic compounds, toxic metals, or their salts. The environmental fate of AquaLuxus® WC are silica, the same material as found in beach sand. The chemistries of AquaLuxus® WC pose no threat of persistence in the environment, no bio-concentration, nor toxicity when used at the recommended concentrations.