Science Researcher

Established specifically to distribute proprietary technologies

Texas based Ascension Technologies™ core management team has steadily advanced technologies and developed products through acquisitions and mergers since the turn of the 2000 millennium.

The Company’s core management team exudes more than a hundred and twenty years of hands on experience in the formation and administration of technologies based in oil and gas industries as well as other energy related industries including nuclear. The Company was formed with the expressed goal of taking that combined experience to distribute and market environmentally-friendly materials and to develop field process methodologies to cost-effectively maximize the mitigation and/or recovery of our Planet’s precious hydrocarbon resources all the while optimizing efficiencies in the recovery of those resources in an environmentally responsible manner.

Science Researcher

job summary:

A key part to Ascension Technologies’ success is the strength of its core management and their capabilities. A career with Ascension Technologies is your opportunity to have a job that delivers satisfaction.

You will provide general administration management for the manufacturing and supply chain and the maintenance coordinator.  Our management employees are asked to not only provide over site for our products processes, but they are asked to provide feedback on cycle-time efficiency and safety improvement.

The communication between our employees and our managers and staff are crucial to achieving our vision of being the premier global provider of chemical solutions to the oil and gas industry. Based in the laboratory of Ascension Technologies Alvin, Texas, and reporting to upper management only, you will carry out product research and product application work for several product groups. You will focus in a number of areas cemtered around silicon inorganic science. Activities will include development of new products to strengthen the Company and its Partner’s portfolio of a best-in-class product packages, testing those developments at oil fields around the world, writing whhite papers, giving presentations at conferences, and solving customers’ technical problems.

Job Duties:

  • Check all equipment daily, troubleshoot, make normal repairs, assess site situations and provide feedback to the operations and engineering staff
  • Report operations data and other requested information internally
  • Perform routine and preventative maintenance of equipment
  • Coordinate the delivery of technology materials and other media between service sites and company’s Alvin facility
  • Accurately report all regulatory items as required
  • Report problems requiring additional help or equipment to Supervisor
  • Accurately record meter readings


  • Excellent organizational and communication skills
  • Positive attitude and strong work ethic
  • Proactive, recognize problems and improvements needed
  • Work assignments carried out to the highest quality level
  • Flexible and adaptable as a critical member of a growing organization
  • Must be self-motivated and able to work independently
  • Must show consistent professionalism and good judgment
  • Team player
  • Must be safety and environmentally conscious
  • Must work well with all types of personalities
  • Must be punctual and willing to work long hours if needed

Requirements - Minimum Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s degree in polymer chemistry and/or organic chemistry
  • Laboratory experience is essential, preferably in polymers and/or surfactants
  • Good communication, team working and presentation skills
  • Oral and written fluency in the English language
  • Good project management skills
  • Innovative and focused on results
  • Prepared to travel to oil producing countries around the world for testing new products in the actual oilfields (about two months in a year, 1 – 3 weeks per trip)


  • Full time, hourly position
  • Medical Insurance available 
  • Tools provided
  • Workman’s comp
  • Short- term and Long-term disability
  • PTO/ Holidays
  • Competitive Wages
  • Direct deposit
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