Bonded coating services & technologies


Ascension’s upstream technologies include support dealing with the mitigation of corrosion in field applications such as pipelines, down hole equipment and infrastructure. Corrosion can be a killer in the oil fields. Oil and gas experts have identified Microbiologically Influenced Corrosion (MIC) as a main threat to their equipment. MIC is responsible for up to 50 percent of all corrosion damage, with an estimated price tag of US $1.5 trillion a year globally. Ascension’s bonded coatings have been on the forefront of the fight against corrosion for over 15 years.


Ascension’s midstream materials include bonded coatings support technologies necessary to protect transport and storage of crude oil and natural gas before they are refined and processed into fuels and other key elements.


The Ascension’s downstream materials include technologies involved in the coatings protection of materials typically used in the production ore creation of other products, equipment and building projects.

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