With the changing economy and increase in demand for petroleum products, the processing of ore and different types of crude from new fields and wells has brought new challenges to the crude oil refinery companies. Refiners focus on maximizing through puts to produce products driven by market demands and specifications, sustained profitability and overall operational excellence. This situation has brought upon the advents of new molecules and applications in specialty chemicals that can successfully face these new challenges.

Ascension Technologies Products developed for the crude oil refineries:

  • PetroLuxus™ WC (Reduces Heavy Metals, reduces Sulfur content, reduces Arsenic, improves API, improves viscosity, improves overall quality of oil) 
  • MetalShield™ (Proven to bond to metal surfaces reducing or mitigating corrosion on various metals including well derricks & rig)
  • AquaLuxus® WC (Reduces contaminates in produced water, oil entrained water, acts as a biocide, flowback water)
  • ChloroLuxus™ Chloride Reducer (Reduces Chloride levels in oil both in tanks and in the ground)

Ascension Technologies Inc has been doing details research work in developing these molecules and introducing the same in the market that can further enhance the refiner’s operational excellence on a sustainable basis. We believe in understanding the industries with all its parameters and constraints under which our customers compete. We take up challenges and targets to reduce refiner’s operating costs by making refiner’s internal operations more efficient by our solution driven chemical programs. We thereby help our customers i.e. the refinery companies to lead in their market and gain on maximum ‘Return on Investment’.