Water services & technologies


Ascension Technologies® upstream water technologies include certified technology for the rehabilitation of ground water wells. A liquid well cleaning technology solution for the use in new and existing groundwater wells to improve water production, water clarity and mitigate microbial growth on well screens, gravel packs and aquifers.


Ascension Technologies® midstream water technologies include cleaning and maintenance of support technologies used in industrial and petrochemical environments including mitigation of corrosion, scale and bacteria.


The Ascension Technologies® downstream water technologies include materials involved in reducing or eliminating bacteria growth, flocculation of metals including  barium, cadmium, lead, mercury, zinc and arsenic. Ascension technologies also treat for chlorides, brine and frac water as well as produced water allowing for easier disposal of these elements back into nature.

Injected down hole in new and existing wells, our technology coats metal and mineral surfaces with a molecular barrier that reduces corrosion and deters bacterial growth that normally produces the unpleasant odor caused by high levels of sulfur compounds found in some wells.  Ascension’s materials also show improved water clarity, reduced down time, reduced maintenance costs, reduced corrosion and scaling, reduced MIC (Microbially Influenced Corrosion), reduced chlorine demand, reduced equipment and piping failures due to scale build-up and corrosion and reduced pumping costs.

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