MagnaFlo® technologies

The Problems

Transportation of paraffin laden crude through pipelines can cause numerous problems that may impose safety, economical, and technical impacts on the pipeline operation. The severity of paraffin crude-related problems is highly affected by the complexity of its rheological properties which in turn depends on the operating conditions. Problems related to crystallization and deposition of paraffin waxes during production and transportation of crude oil cause losses of billions of dollars yearly to the petroleum industry.

The Solution

MagnaFlo® is a femto-structured material that falls under the safeguards provided by U.S. Trade Secret Law and provides bondable materials that will stabilize and resist paraffin formation in crude oil. It has been lab and field tested to mitigate paraffin molecules present in crude oil providing a superior method to neutralize the damaging effects paraffin has on oil transport issues.

proven technology

Ascension Technologies® is the master distributor of the MagnaFlo® core technologies. With the near completion of successful field pilot projects ongoing for several years is now set to commercialize its pipeline paraffin mitigation products within the oil and gas industry markets.

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