Market Applications

Take a peek inside our PetroLuxus™ World

Well Stimulation

PetroLuxus™ products used in * stimulating formulations * high-stability systems for formation blocking and fracturing * Enhanced Oil Recovery

Drilling Products

PetroLuxus™ products used as * components in a wide variety of down-hole situations * positive attributes as fracking additives * Surface modifiers

Corrosion inhibitors

Our corrosion technologies bond to metal, not coat. Superior metal corrosion protections for the pipeline of refinery industry

Production Products

Formulated production chemicals help the oil companies to overcome the different challenges to ensure sustained and efficient recovery.

Water Injection Products

products that inhibit scale, clean up the well bore and help increase quality and flow amounts of water wells.

Tank Cleaning Products

Our hydrocarbon recovery and crude tank cleaning products help refiners not only clean their equipment but recovery processable hydrocarbons.

Environmental Remediation

Environmentally safe products providing economical solutions cleaning up toxic waste problems.

Produced Water Remediation Products

PetroLuxus™ technology remediates the produced water problem in the Permian Basin allowing for reduced cost of disposal of treated water.

The C.E.P.T. Process

PetroLuxus™ technology combined with Continuous Earth Processing Technologies