Ascension Technologies Inc has been doing detailed research work in area of developing nano-molecules technologies to the oil, gas and water industries with product development with proven results gathered over the past 15 years. We believe in understanding the industries with all its parameters and constraints under which our customers compete. We take up challenges and targets to reduce customer’s operating costs by making the customer’s internal operations more efficient by our solution driven proprietary chemicals and their associated processes. We strive to help our customers to be leaders in their markets and gain on a maximum ‘Return on Investment’.

Ascension Technologies Products developed for the oil & gas industry:

  • PetroLuxus WC (Well Cleanup to improve well performance including increased production and improved hydrocarbon quality)
  • PetroLuxus HC ( Heavy Crude oil & Pit Cleanup to clean and recover hydrocarbons embedded in sludge pits)
  • MetalShield (Proven to bond to metal surfaces reducing or mitigating corrosion on various metals including well derricks & rig)
  • ChloroLuxus Chloride Reducer (Reduces Chloride levels in oil both in tanks and in the ground)

Ascension Technologies Inc offers a wide range of ‘Injection Water Chemicals’ and ‘Production Chemicals’ for the efficient operations of the Oil Fields and also for other applications like EOR, Water Well cleaning etc. The specialty chemicals have already made a name for themselves in the industry over the past years for assisting the oil companies in improving their unit Run Length, Production, Meeting the product specifications etc. However, there has always been a scope for further improvement with the help of the new improvements in specialty chemical product lines. These can face the new challenges in the changing atmosphere of exploration, fracking and enhance recovery processes that help in uninterrupted production of crude oil.