Our Story

Ascension Technologies is taking the next leap in oil and gas exploration through the revolutionary application of it’s proprietary licensed science, specializing in the fields of remediation and recovery.

Represented by over 150 years of collective industry experience, the Company is prepared to redefine the way hydrocarbons are managed and harvested throughout the world.

The Technology
The technolgogy is an extraordinary biodegradable inorganic solution, has the ability to dislodge hydrocarbons from almost any material. It can penetrate sand, shale, chalk, rock and hard clay, recovering hydrocarbons where they were previously beyond the reach of oil producers and environmental remediators. Our platform of products has been tested, re-tested and the results recorded during our past five years’ research and development.

Major oil companies and the nation’s largest remediation firms have spent decades and billions of dollars attempting to develop what Ascension Technologies has licensed technology has accomplished. And even more compelling, the next chapter in the story of our Planet is about to be written…

Ascension Technologies, Inc (the “Company”), licenses the exclusive rights to a proprietary platform of products based on a core technology known as PetroLuxus™. The Company markets the PetroLuxus™ platform of products, which represent a disruptive technology for use in the oil, water, specialty and petrochemical industries. The products are comprised of a series of compounds with a wide array of applications, all of which benefit from its unique ability to dislodge hydrocarbons from organic and inorganic materials.

The Company’s initial Phase I market approach is comprised of four distinct business units:


  • Environmental Remediation (“ER”) including H2S Mitigation
  • Enhanced Oil Recovery (“EOR”)
  • Water Well and Water Based Remediation Capabilities
  • Anti-Corrosion capabilities.
  • Fire Retardant capabilities.
One additional product has  become market-ready, FireShield™.  As additional products come online, they will be added to family.

The PetroLuxus™  platform of products is a “Green Technology.” It is a non-toxic, nonflammable and environmentally friendly method of separating hydrocarbons from both man-made and naturally occurring materials. Currently, the most widely accepted methods for separating hydrocarbons from other materials are the utilization of chemicals, water and or steam under extremely high pressure and mechanical processes. These methods are labor intensive, energy intensive and frequently cost prohibitive.


PetroLuxus™ provides an alternative technology that is both more efficient and economical. PetroLuxus™ truly is a Disruptive Technology. It will disrupt currently accepted best practices and change the way hydrocarbons are being managed and harvested throughout the world. Founded in 2018, Ascension Technologies has offices in the Houston Texas area.