With the changing economy and increase in demand for petrochemical products, the petrochemical industry is also faced with different types of challenges. Our specially formulated chemicals help the petrochemical clients to maximize performance of the ethylene and butadiene units by gaining on profitability, energy efficiency, reliability and sustainability through an environmentally friendly approach. We identify, analyze and give solutions to the different challenges faced in the process sides of petrochemical plants.

Ascension Technologies Products developed for the petrochemical industry:

  • PetroLuxus™ WC (Reduces Heavy Metals, reduces Sulfur content, reduces Arsenic, improves API, improves viscosity, improves overall quality of oil)
  • PetroLuxus™ H2S Scavenger (Proven to reduce or eliminate H2S and sulfur in oil and natural gas)
  • ChloroLuxus™ Chloride Reducer (Reduces Chloride levels in oil both in tanks and in the ground)
  • MetalShield™ (Proven to bond to metal surfaces reducing or mitigating corrosion on various metals including well derricks & rig)
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