PetroLuxus™ - AquaLuxus® - ChloroLuxus™ Oil/Water Technologies Have a New Home

HOUSTON – March 21, 2019 – More than fifteen years ago, Kürt Neübauer formed Planet Resource Recovery, Inc. (PRRY). His original goal in forming the entity was to bring proprietary technology acquired by him, uncovered through his travels, that could possibly offer a paradigm shift in the way the oil and gas and associated water industries currently recover, process and remediate the oil and water industries. Those proprietary products later became known as PetroLuxus™ – AquaLuxus® – ChloroLuxus™.

The Technology

PetroLuxus™ had a unique affinity for hydrocarbons that disperses rapidly upon treatment eliminating the interfacial surface tension between hydrocarbons and all matter it contacts including sand, clay, rock, shale. The elimination of surface tension permitted oil and non-hydrocarbon material to separate resulting in a stratification of materials by specific gravity. Segregation by specific gravity facilitates efficient extraction of the desired petroleum components.

AquaLuxus® is technology for the Rehabilitation of Ground Water Wells. It had been certified as a, NSF/ANSI 60. The liquid well cleaning solution, for the use in new and existing groundwater wells, improves water production, water clarity and mitigates microbial growth on well screens, gravel packs and aquifers. AquaLuxus® injected down hole on new and existing wells coats metal and mineral surfaces with a molecular barrier that reduces corrosion and deters bacterial growth. AquaLuxus® also reduces the unpleasant odor caused by high levels of sulfur compounds found in some wells.

ChloroLuxus™ is a relatively new technology that was developed by Planet and acts as a chloride reducing solution for the Oil & Gas Industry. According to a PRRY press release issued June 2, 2016, The product line provides an economical solution for the Oil and Gas producers around the globe that harvest high chloride count crude oil. For a cost of less than $1 per barrel, ChloroLuxus™ can increase the price of this oil by $5 to $15 per barrel through the use of the product. High salt content crude oil is penalized $5 to $15 per barrel from the spot market price. This is due to the severe problems that arise in the refining process. The corrosive nature of salt fouls, deteriorates metals and plugs equipment contaminating the refining process.

The Situation

Mr. Neübauer left PRRY on April 15, 2011 and appointed Mr. Enrique Salinas to replace him as Chief Executive. From that time on Mr. Neübauer had no involvement with the Company. In late November of 2017, Mr. Neübauer learned of the illness and eventual death of Enrique Salinas. Up to that time, Mr. Salinas had been the sole Director/CEO/President of Planet Resource Recovery, Inc. Even though no official notice was provided, Mr. Salinas passed away on November 28th, 2017 and left PRRY with no senior or mid level management to operate the Company.

In an attempt to work out a path forward, Mr. Neübauer hired the firm of Minns and Arnett of Houston Texas to represent him in contacting the heirs of Mr. Salinas to work out an arrangement to keep the Company going. Unfortunately, the heirs were not responsive.

Due to the vast amounts of time, energy and money Mr. Neübauer invested in PRRY, he felt compelled to save the technology he had worked so hard to birth. And with his offer to assist Planet with management going forward not addressed by the Salinas’ family, Mr. Neübauer could not just let the technology wither away or be stolen by opportunity seekers looking to make a fast buck on someone else’s efforts.

The Outcome

On January 30, 2019 the Brazoria District Court issued a turnover order ultimately giving Mr. Neübauer who inturned assigned to Ascension Technologies the Technology product family commonly known as PetroLuxus™ including the trade names and underlying trade secrets of the PetroLuxus™, AquaLuxus® and ChloroLuxus™ technologies.

Going Forward

There is much anticipation having PetroLuxus™, AquaLuxus®, and ChloroLuxus™ ready for market by early summer of 2019 will result in immediate market penetration. As the progression from standing still to moving to a full gate commences, Mr. Neübauer will evaluate the asset and marketing opportunities that currently exist and decide whether to take the technologies back to the public markets through a reverse merger or registration statement.

Mr. Neübauer has been quietly assembling a management team consisting of Oil & Gas and business management professionals. He has also formed a new corporation and begun working on website and marketing materials, setting about and planning for establishing production facilities and relationships and gearing up for a robust launch back into the market and has taken office space and a corporate phone number to run the new operation from Houston Texas.

Mr. Neübauer has received many calls of interest in becoming clients distributors and general users of the product lines. The newly assembled team looks forward bringing these products back to market and establishing a new revenue streams for these technologies.

In Conclusion

Kürt Neübauer stated, “While I had no plans of taking on this task, I simple could not let all the effort put forth by so many end this way.” Mr. Neübauer also stated, “I believe that after close to 15 years of development and marketing, the re-launch of these technologies should be swift and progressive.” In conclusion, Mr. Neübauer stated, “I plan in the near future to issue more news describing the new corporate operation once fully established to commence a marketing campaign.”

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