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Ascension’s Proprietary Products:

   PetroLuxus™ AquaLuxus® ChloroLuxus™ MetalShield™ FireShield™


Ascension Technologies, Inc. was founded with the expressed goal of developing field applications and marketing environmentally-friendly compounds and methodologies to cost-effectively maximize the recovery of our Planet’s precious resources while optimizing efficiencies in the recovery in an Environmentally Responsible manner. The Company, through its historical legacies, has developed numerous compounds for a large range of oil, gas and water applications. Although, at present the Company’s products – PetroLuxus™, AquaLuxus®, ChloroLuxus™, MetalShield™ and FireShield™ – are primarily focused and being deployed in five distinct market segments: 1) Groundwater Wells: Irrigation, Municipal, Industrial, Oil & Gas and Residential, 2) Oil & Gas Industry, 3) Environmental Remediation, 4) Metal Corrosion Control, 5) Fire Retardants …

The PetroLuxus™ Technology Platform is the core technology originally developed by Kurt E Neubauer for the Oil and Gas Industry. PetroLuxus™ products for the Oil & Gas Industry utilize technology to interrupt the bonding of hydrocarbons in oil formations and in soil.

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AquaLuxus® is a liquid solution specifically formulated for new and existing groundwater wells to improve water production through the removal of biofouling, improve water clarity and mitigate future microbial growth on well screens and gravel packs.

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ChloroLuxus™ is a chloride reducing solution engineered to reduce the high salt content in high chloride count crude oil streams. High salt content crude oil is economically penalized in the spot crude oil markets due to the severe problems that arise in the refining process.

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MetalShield™ is a Corrosion reducing solution engineered to bond directly to metal it is introduced to.

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FireShield™ is a fire retardant product designed to be environmentally friendly to forest, animals and aquatic life.

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