Reinvesting in our Markets

The Secret sauce to our growth and unsurpassed client support – Core Reinvestment

“We are continuously working to develop and apply next-generation technologies to help safely and responsibly meet the world’s growing needs for cleaner energy resources and products all the while working to expand our marketplace of partnerships and clients.”

Reinvestments into our marketplace to improve efficiencies and yields through advanced technologies

Why Reinvestment?


Through our reinvestment model, we are innovating, updating and creating constantly for our markets, market partners and clients by continuously improving our technologies and processes. Based on the amount of demand, reinvestment means pouring a percentage of our company’s profits back into our business models to provide our market partners and clients a continuous market advantage along with major improvements in efficiencies thus providing superior yields all the while improving our technologies in both their applications and safety of use.

It’s a great way to increase the market value of our technologies and help our business partners grow more rapidly and on a solid footing.


Reinvesting into Ascension Technologies® markets is producing many positive benefits:

It accelerates the Company’s growth for starters. Increasing the size of the process side of our business marketplace equates to quickly increasing profits. With clients virtually standing in line to participate in our technology processes, our profit centers are only held back by our ability to proverbially place more boots on the ground.

The majority of our reinvesting efforts deal with field process development and increasing its effectiveness through technology efficiencies and yields allows for a larger capacity footprint for our marketplace partners and clients and subsequently the increased distribution capacities of our materials and their reach into the market place.

However, the Company also focuses a portion of reinvestment on business and technology expansion and through physical and employee improvements. 

Our reinvestment activities typically circle around product and process demands for our client marketplace, however, reinvestment into different areas of our business or through outside acquisition will ensure that not all our eggs are in one basket.