The Science

The PetroLuxus™ story begins on August 27, 1859 – Edwin L. Drake’s well, drilled 69 1/2 feet, struck oil near Titusville, PA and launched the modern petroleum industry. 150 years later, PetroLuxus™ is taking the next leap in oil and gas exploration through the revolutionary application of its proprietary science, specializing in the fields of remediation and recovery.

Now represented by over 200 years of collective experience, the Company is prepared to redefine the way hydrocarbons are managed and harvested throughout the world.

The search went on for over a decade looking for the solution now found in the breakthrough science known as PetroLuxus™ for past 13 plus years. While building other businesses, he held a firm belief that somewhere in America, the spirit of resource and innovation would provide the solution to the oil recovery and environmental remediation problems.

The ‘solution’ was found in 2002 – a silicon-based, nano-technology monomer solution that could wash heavy metals and contaminants out of soils and toxic water, and could penetrate nearly every organic or inorganic material known to man. Based on the success in the laboratory and the field, PetroLuxus™ was born and the story through ups and downs has began a new era through Ascension Technologies, Inc.

PetroLuxus™, our extraordinary biodegradable inorganic solution, has the ability to dislodge hydrocarbons from almost any material. It can penetrate sand, shale, chalk, rock and hard clay, recovering hydrocarbons where they were previously beyond the reach of oil producers and environmental remediation companies. Our platform of products has been used and tested over the past thirteen plus years.

November 2018 — Major oil companies and the nation’s largest remediation firms have spent decades and billions of dollars attempting to develop what Ascension Technologies will accomplish with its newly licensed PetroLuxus™, AquaLuxus® and ChloroLuxus™ line of products. And even more compelling, the next chapter in the story of our Planet is about to be written…

Our manufacturing facilities near Houston (USA) are capable of manufacturing these proprietary chemicals utilizing the original WFC process originally designed and developed by its predecessor company and making them available to our customers on continuous basis.

Technical Description

PetroLuxus™ is trade name for a family of proprietary compounds distributed by Ascension technologies, Inc (the “Company”).

PetroLuxus™ utilizes femto-scale technology to interact with the bonding of metals and hydrocarbons from a wide variety of materials found in most man made and naturally occurring environments including soil and water. The unique characteristics of these products are based on their ability to affect ionic exchanges between materials, scavenge oxygen, increase wetting and reduce interfacial surface tension.

The base formulations of PetroLuxus™ can be used in many applications requiring the separation of hydrocarbons from other materials by interacting with the adsorption(1) properties of the different materials.

The PetroLuxus™ family of products are water-soluble and rapidly disperse when introduced to water or oil to make contact with the target materials, hydrocarbons or metals, while initiating an ionic exchange that disrupts and effects the bonding between the targeted undesirable materials and the surrounding materials. The products are chemically active and readily bondable to target metals while acting as a coagulant and flocculent to allow precipitation of the metals for separation and removal. At the microscopic level PetroLuxus™ forms bonds with the targeted materials and creates a crystalline structure on their surface. In specific situations this “encapsulation” can render the materials undetectable and inert.

There are a number of PetroLuxus™ products to-date, that have been developed in distinct formulations, each of which has a unique profile and can be used selectively to achieve reduction of a variety of undesirable materials and metals entrained in soil and water. Each formulation has specific characteristics related to oxidation-reduction potential and conductivity that is focused to effectively reduce certain metal concentrations and to liberate hydrocarbon contamination with significant, proven efficiency for recovery of both desirable and undesirable targeted materials and thus reducing disposal issues.

The PetroLuxus™ products have been formulated to separate specific targeted materials, allowing for both the removal and reclamation of targeted materials and increasing the potential for beneficial reuse of valuable captured resources.

PetroLuxus™ products are formulated from naturally occurring compounds including oxygen, silicon and a number of different caustics and are environmentally friendly, safe to apply, cost effective, non-flammable and non-hazardous and have previously carried a NSF/60 certification for safe in drinking water. The products are designed to be biodegradable and will dissipate into the environment in a non-toxic state, thus presenting no ongoing hazard.
(1)  Adsorption: is the accumulation of atoms or molecules on the surface of a material. This process creates a film of the absorbate (the molecules or atoms being accumulated) on the absorbent’s surface. It is different from absorption, in which a substance diffuses into a liquid or solid to form a solution. The term sorption encompasses both processes, while desorption is the reverse process.