Services - Coming Soon!

Ascension Technologies plans on offering a complete line of services for all the proprietary products that we offer. We expect servicing to become an integral part of all the chemical programs that we offer to all our clients across all the segments of the industry.

We will eventually maintain a 24X7 support system which will be constantly available for our clients to help them maximize overall production, profitability and performance with respect to the usage of our state of the art proprietary chemical products.

We will offer in-depth knowledge, and expertise in understanding the process condition of the clients current situation and problems tp better serve our customer in a goal to offer improved recover of oil, better remediation clearnup, or clearing fouled water wells by recommending the right solution at all times and ensuring proper and efficient service to ensure the client get the maximum return on investment of our chemical procucts.

Our manufacturing facilities near Houston (USA) is capable of manufacturing these proprietary chemicals and making it available to our customers on continuous basis.