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the science specific to distribution markets

Ascension Technologies® products and technologies are founded in understanding the characteristics, intricacies, and unique properties of silicon-based chemistry. Silicon is one of the most common elements on earth and is most commonly found as silica in the form of sand or quartz. Silica is derived from the oxidation of silicon and is also known as silicon dioxide. Silicon is further found in the form of compounds known as silicate which contains an ion of which one or more central silicon atoms are surrounded by electronegative ligands.

Silicon compounds can be organic and inorganic depending on the type of elemental bond. Silicon bonded with oxygen or metals will form silicates, inorganic compounds, while silicon bonded with hydrogen or a hydrogen group will form siloxane, organic compounds.

The intrigue begins by trying to comprehend how silicon and its derivatives can have so many redeeming qualities as to make it one of the most unique and useful materials known. Silicon will bond with a variety of other elements to form an almost endless variety of compounds with equally wide variation of properties.

This study of silicon compounds forms the basis for “Silica Science” and is the one of the many focuses of product development at Ascension’s manufacturing partner, ACME Chemicals®. Silicate compounds were the first products developed and tested. The initial goal of the founder was to develop safe, eco-friendly products that could be used in a variety of disciplines and industries. Principal objectives were to harness several inherent characteristics of a silicate solution; surfactant qualities, surface tension reduction, water solubility, electro-negativity, friction reduction, and immiscibility with oil.

The various technologies provide for a multi-modal treatment to reduce or eliminate contaminate problems in various industrial markets. The arrays of chemistry’s combined with processes are the final solution to many industry long standing contamination issues.

Like all products distributed by Ascension Technologies®, the development of useful field applications began their paths to completion with field trials. Due to the extremely competitive nature of the many industry sectors, many processor companies are continually looking for ways to reduce operating costs and increasing product production. As part of Ascension technologies™ process development initiative program, a close examination of the various process problems resulted in significant energy recovery and cost savings by optimizing the Ascension’s chemical technologies and processes.

Silicates compound development and testing have resulted in products that meet the criteria for a compound that will not mix with all states of hydrocarbons but induces separation from particulate and water while being environmentally friendly and safe to handle. The developed products have additional treatment benefits applications in that they definitively affect sulphur content, acid content, ash content, phosphates, and metals contained in the oil.

The multiple attributes of our technologies can be utilized in a variety of applications and markets where it is desirable to remediate, recover, or improve hydrocarbon related problems.

Much lab testing has been performed to monitor the effects of treatment with our technology products in multiple applications and show positive results that the products will break the bond of hydrocarbon from a variety of materials.

Ascension Technologies® products and technologies has been developed to take advantage of the basic precepts of physics and chemistry, involved with the bonds or attractions between different materials, and the development of methods to selectively break bonds to achieve separation. This has been preeminent in the company’s success with work involving hydrocarbons treatment and remediation. Based on the thorough understanding of the integral part chemistry plays in the making and breaking of bonds between a broad expanse of elemental materials, the Company’s manufacturing source has dedicated itself to producing chemical solutions that are effective in material separation at the molecular level for applications involving recovery and disposal in environmentally friendly ways.

The science of silicates, which is the science of many of our distributed technologies, has been studied for years. The silicates are found in three common species, silicate SiO2, metasilicate SiO3, and orthosilicate SiO4. These silicates are usually associated with alkaline earth metals. The behavior of these types of silicates varies considerably.

Our manufacturer and product developer continues to develop technologies and chemistry’s that can be applied in a variety of applications to selectively target different metals for isolation and separation. These areas include remediation of hazardous metals that are dissolved in water and labile compounds in contaminated soils from spills and leaching.

The technologies continuously being developed utilize the interaction of ions and the exchange of electrons at the molecular level. The chemistry provides the correct environment for manipulation of a target metal and an electrostatic field is used to concentrate the ions (draw moths to the flame, so to speak) in a specific area for the efficient use of electrowinning for collection. The electrostatic field harnesses and uses the Newtonian laws of motion to accelerate particles as they react to energy imparted by the field.

This technology combination of chemistry and process can be utilized selectively in various field applications for recovery and remediation targets providing commercial benefit.

The Company’s dedication to understanding the possibilities for new products is constantly evolving into new directions. Ascension Technologies® is focused on the above paths for commercialization of its distributed products and technologies. What the company has determined is that technology must go hand in hand with the development of new products and services.

Because the products are innovative and atypical to common industry standards and processes, it is often necessary to develop technology and processes for the implementation of product usage in many applications. This factor has become central to our excursion into development of various solutions for marketplace situations.

A determined commitment to teamwork by Ascension Technologies® team members including its manufacturing and product development partner, ACME Chemicals®, has resulted in a significant product base offering including associated processes and ease of operations. The ultimate goal is to be and remain emission free while running an economical process all the while keeping an understanding consumption and process cost savings are important