So, Why Buy PetroLuxus™ products?

So, Why Buy PetroLuxus™ products?

What Do the Users Think?

Our company had a phone call from an interested producer that asked why does our product cost more than another that they are currently using. A fair question to ask and one that deserves an answer.

After finding out that the product they are currently using is not biodegradable, not safe for the water table and one that has not performed as well as they had hoped it would, we asked them if they were buying it because of the cost or because of the performance. After hesitating a bit, he told us that he bought it because it cost less and was promised that it would eradicate his problems. We asked him if he felt that he was getting his dollars’ worth and he again hesitated and finally said that he was still having down time and servicing costs that were excessive and production was up some but not enough to justify retreatments. Our answer was that our products were designed from our family owning wells and having these similar problems. We knew that in order to help the industry solve the everyday problems, we had to have a product that was designed to address the down hole problems and penetrate the formations and create an increased pressure activity and help to clean up the near wellbore restrictions along with the tubulars and gathering lines along with the separator and tank batteries. We have accomplished this in our PetroLuxus™ products and proven its performance through field analytical testing over the past 25 years.

So, what is PetroLuxus™? The chemical itself is silica-based and environmentally safe for ground water. It was formulated to clean oilfield pump equipment of scale buildup and to enhance production. Its chemistry is monomeric neo-silicate, the most reactive silicate and therefore very effective in sand, sandstone and shale materials.

It reduces hydrogen sulfide concentrations, cleans metal surfaces and coats the metal with a glass-like surface that in turn makes oil pumps operate more efficiently.

In sandy material it pricks the hydrogen molecule the oil used to adhere to the silica surface, then coats the silica, preventing oil from sticking to it.

The Solution is 100% water soluble. On a molecular level, it is a femto particle, which is like comparing a golf ball to the head of a pin, so it easily migrates out into a formation where it frees lodged oil and coats the silica, like a non-stick Teflon surface.

It mitigates problems with paraffin, which plagues oil wells throughout the Red Cave formation and because of its solubility, it reduces surface tension, flow resistance and increases wetting of surfaces.

The solubility gives the Solution a capacity to migrate out in a formation without using extra pressure at the wellhead when stimulating a well. In theory, it can reach out as far as a 2.5-acre circumference, depending upon the permeability and porosity of the material in conjunction to the amount and strength of the Solution introduced to a well.

Because of its 100% solubility, a producer need not use high-pressure injection. This in turn makes it an ideal enhancement solution for any aged well. In the Red Cave, the Company has identified 2512 wells for acquisition. Sixty percent of these wells are too old for high-pressure fracking techniques, making the Enhanced Stimulation Solution an ideal resource for stimulating production.

Because of its attributes, the Solution is up to 300% cheaper than fracking alone, making it more=than economical to use.

The Solution has also previously carried an NSF 60 rating that made it is safe for drinking water. The Texas Railroad Commission has also used it for oil remediation work and by a different configuration, is used to clean scale buildup in water wells.

Our goal is to not sell you anything that you feel is not worth the investment. We cannot make you buy, nor will we try to hard sell you. The conversation above shows that there is a need for a better product and unfortunately one that costs more than the “run of the mill” chemicals that are out there.

It’s tough to bring an understanding to the producer when he is thinking up front cost only.

Another client has purchased thousands of gallons for treatment of wells in central and north Texas. Paraffin problems have plagued the W. Panhandle Field for decades, clogging the well bores and building up blockages around the well-heads. Super-fracking does not resolve that issue and paraffin may be the cause of the rapid decline in production, though no scientific results supports that theory. None the less, paraffin remains a problem. PetroLuxus™ enhanced solution stimulation technique eliminates the paraffin problem while freeing up the trapped oil. The Solution is 100% water soluble, so during the 7-day shut-in period following stimulation it spreads out through the pay zone, freeing up more of the oil-in-place without paraffin buildup.

On a molecular level, the PetroLuxus™ solution pricks the hydrogen molecule the oil uses to adhere to the silica surface of the material in a pay zone. It then coats the silica with a glass-like material so oil will no longer stick to it. The Solution also cleans all of the metal parts exposed to the crude, paraffin and wastewater and coats it as well, making the pumps more efficient.

The PetroLuxus™ solution was utilized on shallow Texas oil wells by another client’s chief engineer a decade ago with substantial results; taking ½ bpd well and increasing it to 11 bpd. Two years later it was still pumping 8 bpd, though unfortunately the logs and other data are no longer available following the sale of those wells. The PetroLuxus™ solution is currently approved for remediation by the Texas Railroad Commission as an environmentally safe process, making its application in Enhanced Stimulation safe for groundwater. According to other clients, it was stated several occasions, “It is, without a doubt, the best chemical treatment I have ever used and will continue to utilize the product on all of our wells”. They further stated, “It is a huge benefit to us that the product is user friendly for our workers and safe for the environment and one that returns the investment. There is no down side to utilizing the PetroLuxus™ product solutions and I cannot see why anyone who cares about their production and the environment would not use these products”.

The PetroLuxus™ products were designed to work and be beneficial to you, the producer. The distributors of PetroLuxus™ solution will never compromise performance for cost. In our opinion, when you utilize our line of PetroLuxus™ products you will have benefits for a long time and retreatments are not necessary every couple of months.


Maybe a cheaper product cost is a mistake. You decide. We hope that will give PetroLuxus™ products a try. Our goal is to bring value and eliminate some of your routine overhead cost making your production more profitable.

Ascension Technologies, through its PetroLuxus™’ family technologies, has been on the forefront of downhole cleanup and stimulation for over 20 years and is ready to bring your wells into higher production and less downtime and do all of this with products that are environmentally friendly and safe for the water table and ground water.