Who We Are

Texas-based Ascension Technologies, Inc. (“ATI”) was only founded in 2018, but the founder had been developing its core products since the turn of the 2000 millennium. ATI was initiated with the expressed goal of distributing and marketing environmentally-friendly compounds and developing field methodologies to cost-effectively maximize the recovery of our Planet’s precious resources while optimizing efficiencies in the recovery in an Environmentally Responsible manner. The Company’s current product offerings involves the science of sodium silicates, but unlike common sodium silicates, our chemistries are next generation Monomeric Neo-silicates, the “bully” or the most reactive of silicate species.  The Company hold’s a Non-Revocable Master Distribution license to distribute the PetroLuxus™ family of products which include: PetroLuxus™, PetroLuxus™ PE, AquaLuxus®, ChloroLuxus™, MetalShield™ and FireShield™. 

The Company’s current product offerings are inorganic compounds thus containing no organic compounds, toxic metals or their salts. The environmental basis of these compounds is silica, the same material as found in beach sand. These compounds pose no threat of persistence in the environment, no bio-concentration, nor toxicity when used at the recommended concentrations.

ATI’s mission is to maximize and optimize the economic recovery of the earth’s resources in an environmentally responsible manner through “Next Generation Products & Technologies”.

At present, the Company’s products are primarily focused and being deployed in four distinct market segments:

1) Groundwater Wells: Irrigation, Municipal, Industrial, Oil & Gas and Residential, 2) Oil & Gas Industry, 3) Environmental Remediation, and 4) corrosion resistant metal coatings.

Ascension Technologies Inc.

  • Is striving to become a leading supplier of products related to down hole fracking, residual oil recovery, primary oil recovery, acid mitigation, H2S mitigation and water remediation and recovery using proprietary inorganic based products
  • PetroLuxus™ will become one of the top H2S mitigation products in North America
  • Manufacturers of a variety of types of refinery process chemicals and additives based on its core product qualities
  • PetroLuxus™ currently replaces a multitude or other toxic types of Oil field chemicals currently in use
  • Manufacturer of a proprietary water treatment product trademarked as “AquaLuxus® with wide uses across various industries
  • Products delivered in both small and large quantities
  • Knowledgeable and responsive sales staff, keeping your company up-to-date on the latest trends in the industry
  • Commitment to quality products and services